The following reports and video represent a small sample of the type of work that we have undertaken on behalf of our clients.

Evaluation: Gender Equality and Social Outcomes


UNDP Montenegro Social Inclusion and Gender Equality Program Outcome Evaluation Video
In February, 2011, Kartini’s Director, Dana Peebles conducted an outcome evaluation for UNDP Montenegro’s Social Inclusion and Gender Equality Program to provide input into their upcoming Country Program Planning. As a part of the evaluation process, UNDP Montenegro interviewed Ms. Peebles about the key evaluation findings. The findings were based on an extensive document review and interviews with key informants from the 6 main program areas in the Social Inclusion and Gender Equality sector. This inlcuded Roma vulnerability and employment, IDP Associations, HIV and AIDS prevention, TB, the 2009 National Human Development Report and support to the Office of Gender Equality.

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Global Evaluation of UNICEF’s Gender Policy and Practice – 2007
In 2007, UNICEF contracted Kartini International to provide the Team Leader for the global Evaluation of the organization’s Gender Policy and Practice. The evaluation encompassed 6 country case studies (Jordan, Nicaragua, Mali, Nepal, Uganda, & Moldova), two global on-line surveys of UNICEF staff and managers and an extensive document review. The evaluation findings have led UNICEF to subsequently update and revise its gender policy as well as to develop its first global Gender Action Plan. An additional four Kartini staff and associates were actively involved in the evaluation process.

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Adolescent Development and Participation


Evaluation of UNICEF’s Program "Adolescents: Agents of Positive Change"
In 2011, UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office (MENARO) contracted Kartini International to conduct an evaluation of its nine country program "Adolescents: Agents of Positive Change" (Phase I and II). The program was funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) since 2005 and highlighted issues concerning the rights of adolescents and youth in the region, with a particular focus on participation. In addition to standard evaluation data collection methodologies, Kartini employed a unique approach in two of the country case studies that involved working with young researchers who were also program beneficiaries. The young researchers were trained on how to facilitate a focus group discussion in an objective manner and on Most Significant Change methodology (MSC). Key evaluation findings can be found in an adolescent-friendly report/video produced by Kartini.

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Evaluation of UNICEF’s Program of Work with and Work in Relation to Adolescents and the Participation of Children and Young People
In 2010, Kartini International conducted a global evaluation of UNICEF’s work related to adolescent development and children and young people’s participation. The evaluation developed new methodologies for assessing programming in this relatively new field of work and covered 3 country case studies (Cambodia, Sierra Leone, & Brazil), as well as two on-line surveys for UNICEF staff and managers, a headquarters mission, interviews with regional staff and a comprehensive literature review.

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Women Entrepreneurs and Microenterprise Development


Best Practices to Support Women Entrepreneurs in Canada
Kartini International researched and produced two comprehensive reports on Best Practices for Women Entrepreneurs in Canada to support Canada’s contribution to the OECD 2000 and 2004 Conferences on Women’s Enterprises. The two reports provide an overview of the different approaches used by government, civil society and academe to provide support for the development of women owned enterprises. The work was sponsored by Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, the Business Development Bank of Canada and the Royal Bank of Canada.

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Guidelines to Support Women’s Microenterprise Development
In partnership with Whiteduck Resources and Lever Enterprises, Kartini International analyzed the best practices to support strategic growth of micro-enterprises for indigenous and rural women other than microfinance. The consultant team developed guidelines on most effective policy and program supports for pilot micro-enterprise development programs based on the results of related feasibility studies conducted in Vietnam, Canada, and Chile to serve as the basis for initiating an international trade network for indigenous and rural women’s micro-enterprises based on the models identified. The different phases of the project were sponsored by CIDA, Industry Canada and APEC.

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Strategic Partnerships


Kartini International also has a strategic partnership with Baastel, a Canadian firm based in Quebec and Belgium, dedicated to research and consulting in international development. Our partnership focuses on multi-country evaluations as well as includes a joint Framework Agreement in Gender Equality with the Swedish International Development Agency (

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